Justin Staskiewicz   • F  ounder/B  rew  master &   Richard Mathy   •   F  ounder/H  ead B  artender                      

                                       Justin Staskiewicz • Founder/Brewmaster & Richard Mathy  Founder/Head Bartender                    

Becky Staskiewicz   •   Assistant Brewer

Becky Staskiewicz • Assistant Brewer

Patrick Devlin, Steve Walker, Emily Belewich                                            •   Bartenders

Patrick Devlin, Steve Walker, Emily Belewich                                           Bartenders

The Fulton Chain Craft Brewery is a New York State farm brewery founded in 2014 by Justin Staskiewicz and Richard Mathy. Their goal is to use locally sourced ingredients to give their customers a truly Adirondack beer experience. With up to 10 different beers on tap, there is a great chance you are going to fall in love with at least one of them.  Stop by for a pint and enjoy the brewery's Adirondack tap room,  Cheers!  


100% NYS Hops

New York State

New York State